Assessing implementation of cultural competency content in the curricula of colleges of pharmacy in the United States and Canada.Edit

Onyoni EM, Ives TJ.

Am J Pharm Educ. 2007 Apr 15;71(2):24.

Much focus has been on cultural competency training for doctors, so it was interesting to find an article regarding cultural competency training for pharmacy students. This group developed 2 separate surveys, one for the curriculum committee chairs and one for student leaders to investigate the presence of curricular and organizational content related to cultural competency. Of those they approached to be included in the study, 49 of 87 curriculum committee chairs and 27 of 54 student leaders responded. Results showed that while curriculum committee chairs recognize the need to add cultural competency to the curriculum, only about half had implemented changes and only half had plans of expanding the curriculum. Among student leaders, only two-thirds had addressed the issue within their organization and only two-thirds thought diversity existed within their organization. The authors also stressed the need for standardized and validated assessment tools to assess the level of impact cultural competency education has on education and patient care.

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