Case Description: Infant presenting with severe gastrointestinal problemsEdit

Language barrier

Miguel is a 9-month old infant brought in by his mother, who speaks only Spanish, and his aunt, who speaks some English. This case explores the impact of language barriers on patient care. There are two videos which show contrasting interviews with and without an interpreter revealing the importance of effective communication. Watch the links below to see the interview process.

This case also explores the differences between cultures as far as treatment. Not only do language barriers have an impact on patient care, but so does culture.

Cultural CompetencyEdit

This case deals with the following:

  • Learning about your patients' cultures.
  • Using interpreter services appropriately.
  • Practicing culturally sensitive interpersonal dynamic.
  • Accommodating your patient's health beliefs.

Links to VideosEdit

Interview without interpreter:

Interview with interpreter:

Diagnostic plan:

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